Lauren Watson – video

Gymnastics rings & aerial conditioning - Lauren Watson

I bought some gymnastics rings to play with so I can get stronger for aerial and I love them! They are so much fun and you feel like ...

Lauren Watson: Place & Liveability

EMT641 - Assessment Task 1.

Lauren Watson Aerial Circus Act in a Wheelchair

Steampunk Act using a wheelchair frame as performed by Lauren Watson Aerial. Music by:

CC and Lauren Watson :)

Sorry guys! 1- It took so long, and 2- the song is Freak Like Me, not I miss the misery. My bad. Aside from that... ENJOY :)

Emma Watson Goes FULL FEMINIST

Emma Watson has made a name for herself as a feminist activist, but in this latest feature by Teen Vogue, it's clear how committed ...

Big 12 Soccer Preview Lauren Watson | Double T Insider

Texas Tech TV Twitter: Texas Tech TV Instagram:

Lauren Watson College Video

Lauren Watson is a 2b / outfielder who Grads in 2015. This is her college skills video.

People Are Losing Their Sense of Smell - How Some Are Getting It Back

How I lost my sense of smell and stumbled on a way to get it back (without a prescription or going to the doctor). It turns out people ...

Our Wedding - Elsa's Wholesome Life - The Watson's

Watson Love Fest. Full version of our wedding video. 20th October 2018, Byron Bay, Australia. Hope you enjoy these moments of ...

ABC News Interview - Lauren Watson Adaptive Artist

The ABC interviewing Lauren Watson - Adaptive Artist who has overcome her disability by training in aerial arts. CORRECTION: ...

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