Kyle Chavarria – video

Q&A Kyle Chavarria

Shot in Los Angeles Crest by Steve Osorio Filmed February 8th, 2020.

Kyle Chavarria Audition for Eliza

Self Tape for a short film - Eliza.

Hangry Monologue Kyle Chavarria

A fun yet frustrating monologue that we can all relate to. Being hungry and not knowing where to eat!

Bye, Jake (Kyle Chavarria)

Filmed/Edited in one day.

Kyle Chavarria Lexi Ainsworth Gilmore Girls 6x08 01

I'm sorry if you can't see this, because the video contains copyrighted content and it can be unavailable on some devices.

Kyle Chavarria sole

From 'Ghost Whisperer'

Dead Flowers & Cigarettes [Music Video]

Dead Flowers & Cigarettes [Music Video] Stream/Buy Dead Flowers [song]: Mija Tour & Info: ...

LOATHE - Agressive Evolution (Guitar & Bass Cover)

Another LOATHE cover. I Let It In And It Took Everything is still my favorite album of 2020 by far. This song is in EAEADF# tuning, ...


Independent short directed by Steve Roa Filmed November 2019. Pasadena, CA Shot on - Canon 650D Starring Kyle Chavarria ...

"The Chase" 2019

A short filmed on my iPhone starring my brother, Chase. Filmed over the Holidays 2019.

The Professional

Filmed on Canon SX620 HS Filmed February 26th-March 2nd 2020.

Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On (Official Video)

The official video of "Turn Me On" by Kevin Lyttle off the self-titled album 'Kevin Lyttle' - available now! Subscribe for more official ...

Crayons Monologue

A monologue. Not sure where I found this monologue but I've had it for a long time.

Recording a DOOM ETERNAL Cover Live!

Become a PATREON member: ▻ Shout out to my Patreon members! - Spicy Asshole ...

Alice In Chains - Man In the Box (Tuned Down Cover)

Be sure to follow @Johnny Ciardullo he did an amazing job as always on the vocals for this cover! This was a fun one, we took ...

16 Metal Guitar Riffs (On 16 Guitars)

Johnny Ciardullo and I play a riff on each guitar that I own! This was a challenging one since we had to make up different riffs for ...

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