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Jo Ann Pflug 80th Birthday Celebration (Top Match Game Episodes)

This video is to celebrate a Happy 80th Birthday to Jo Ann Pflug. In the early years of Match Game, she appeared quite frequently.

Match Game: Jo Ann Pflug as Dick Gautier, Richard plays Brett and Fanny is Charles

In this episode of "Match Game '77", the upper tier matched in the previous round, so Richard Dawson imitated Brett Sommers, ...

Match Game 75 (Episode 506) ("Jo Ann Pflug Having A Baby?")

Jo Ann Pflug appears on the show for the first time in a while announcing she is pregnant. Remember, Jo Ann Pflug was married ...

Match Game 74 (Episode 200) (with Slate) (Happy Birthday Jo Ann Pflug)

Ron Masak, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jo Ann Pflug, Richard Dawson, and Fannie Flagg.

Match Game 73 (Episode 17) (Safety BLANK for $5000 with Jo Ann Pflug)

Today, Barbara Stuart is downstairs in the 6th seat. Shelley Winters is in the 2nd seat on the upper tier! Dick Gautier, Shelley ...

Susan Gordon & Jo Ann Pflug Dancing - 2002

actress Susan Gordon is showing actress Jo Ann Pflug some dance moves, Western North Carolina Film Festival, Asheville,North ...

Match Game 73 (Episode 3) (First $5,000 Win?)

Jack Klugman talks about Brett Somers during the beginning of this Match Game 73 episode. Today's panel: Michael Landon, ...

Breakthrough to Weight Loss Shad Helmstetter & Jo Ann Pflug Infomercial Preview 1986 Self Talk

This video features Shad Helmstetter with his popular Self Talk series on losing weight. It is part of his infomercial from 1985.

The Day the Women Got Even (1980) Jo Ann Pflug, Tina Louise, Rick Aviles, Georgia Engel

PLEASE NOTE: A message will appear across the film at 19:29, 42:02 and 1:04:44 to let viewers know that it was uploaded on the ...

Match Game 74 (Episode 146) (Jo Ann Dances) (With Slate)

Larry Hovis, Brett Somers, Rip Taylor, Jo Ann Pflug, Richard Dawson, and Peggy Cass.


This classic American war comedy received an Oscar® nomination for Best Picture and spawned one of the most popular shows ...

Jo Ann Pflug - Early life

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Match Game 73 (Episode 16) (Scarlet BLANK for $2500 with Jo Ann Pflug)

Dick Gautier, Barbara Stuart, Jack Carter, Jo Ann Pflug, Richard Dawson, and Shelley Winters.

Tattletales (March 25, 1974)

I wrap up my Betty White 96th Birthday Celebration on this channel. I hope you enjoyed the shows I uploaded. I figured it would be ...

Tattletales (September 1974): Jim Backus/Chuck Woolery/Charlie Brill

Here is a September 1974 episode of Tattletales. Something happens in this episode that doesn't typically happen in this show.

Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 20

Celebrities/ Stars from the 1970s & 80s Then and Now All World Review Then and Now Videos Playlist: ...

Match Game PM (Episode 32) ("Tea and Crumpets with Richard?")

Avery Schreiber, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jo Ann Pflug, Richard Dawson, and Fannie Flagg.

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