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Anne Nagel - Should a Girl Marry? - 1939

Stars: Anne Nagel, Warren Hull, Mayo Methot, Weldon Heyburn, Aileen Pringle & Sarah Padden. Director: Lambert Hillyer.

1938 UNDER THE BIG TOP - Marjorie Main, Anne Nagel - Full movie

Starring Marjorie Main, Anne Nagel, Jack LaRue, Grant Richards, Fred "Snowflake" Toones, Betty Compson and Herbert ...

Escape by Night (1937)[Crime][William Hall, Anne Nagel][HD]

After a group of robbers hide from the cops at a remote farm owned by a blind man and his lovely daughter, they start to rethink ...

A Bride for Henry (1937) | English Comedy Movie | Anne Nagel, Warren Hull

A Bride for Henry is a 1937 American film directed by William Nigh. Starring Anne Nagel and Warren Hull.

1938 ROMANTIC COMEDY ~ beautiful Anne Nagel, talented Harry Davenport, Black White Classic TCM

Hello Friends! Our very sweet and enjoyable Classic Movie is 1938 Sales Lady. It stars Anne Nagel, Weldon Heyburn and ...

Movie Legends - Anne Nagel

Anne Nagel was an American actress. She played in adventures, mysteries, and comedies for twenty-five years. She also ...

Anne Nagel - Career

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Convict's Code | Robert Kent, Anne Nagel | American Film

Convict's Code is a 1939 American film starring Robert Kent and Anne Nagel, Directed by Lambert Hillyer.

Dawn Express - Full Movie | Michael Whalen, Anne Nagel, William Bakewell, Constance Worth

In this daring World War II-era spy thriller, a Nazi spy ring attempts to get their hands on a top-secret chemical formula that ...

Anne Nagel: A Bride for Henry

On the day of her wedding a young woman's fiancé doesn't show up, sleeping off the results of the previous night's wild ...

Hoosier Schoolboy - Full Movie | Mickey Rooney, Anne Nagel, Frank Shields, Edward Pawley

It's a classic Hollywood story - a schoolteacher comes to a new town and finds nothing but trouble. But rather than the urban edge ...

Musicovisual: Epithalamium (starring Florence Rice & Anne Nagel)

Music: Épithalame (epithalamium, "bridal song") from Bortkiewicz's Quatre Morceaux, Op. 65.

Convict's Code (1939) [Drama] [Crime]

Convict's Code is a 1939 American film directed by Lambert Hillyer. The movie (also known as "Paroled to Exile") is about a man, ...

The Dawn Express 1942 Action, Drama, Mystery

A Nazi spy ring is after a chemical formula that increases the power of ordinary gasoline for U.S. Army aviation use. Two U.S. ...

Bride for Henry 1937 Full Movie Comedy Anne Nagel, Warren Hull

Bride for Henry 1937 Full Movie Comedy Anne Nagel, Warren Hull.

The Hoosier Schoolboy 1937 | Starring | Mickey Rooney, Anne Nagel, Frank Shields

A schoolteacher comes to a new town and finds herself caught up in the town's problems and disputes.

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